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A Small business accountant in miami you can trust to help your company grow

We offer accounting services for small businesses in Miami, working with companies across many industries. We understand that running any sized business can come with challenges, and our team can ensure that you get the proper CPA services to help your company grow.

We are ready to assist as business accountant Miami professionals capable of everything from monthly accounting to ongoing bookkeeping services. We deliver accurate financial statement services; we can perform reviews and compilations and help with challenging tasks like preparing for loan financing, insurance, and surety bonding solutions.

Our team has incredible attention to detail, access to the latest QuickBooks software and accounting tools, and a commitment to quality customer service providing accounting services for small businesses in Miami.

A small Business Accountant to Handle Every Challenge

We can tackle any challenge as small business accountant professionals. We regularly take on accounting and bookkeeping tasks, prepare financial statements, perform tax services, and deliver advisory services to our clients.

We are well known for our reputation with years of experience, our ability to save your small business money with each tax year, and for our financial advice. If you have economic issues that your business has faced for years, or you simply need day-to-day assistance with your bookkeeping and finance, we are here to help.

Tax And Accounting Services

industries we work with

As a team specializing in accounting services for small businesses in the Miami area, we have enjoyed working with businesses across every industry. We have experience with construction and specialty trades, retail and hospitality, professional services, trucking and distribution, and more. No matter what industry you work in throughout Miami, we are a team with experience and tools to help you. We can deliver advice or day-to-day support to help your business grow.

We pair the right experts from our team with the industries we work with. We have specialists with years of experience in bookkeeping for various sectors and experts that can help you shape the future of your company. If you need expert advice suited to your industry and designed to help your business stay competitive, we can help.

how a miami business accountant can transform your business

Business transformation is required for a company to remain successful and experience growth in shifting market conditions. The average business owner may need more financial experience or time to handle ongoing research into programs and improvements they can use with their business.


A dedicated accountant best handles capital strategies, and a small business accountant in Miami can transform a business by removing financial tasks from the hands of other professionals or identifying capital strategies that help a company sustain prosperity.


Professional accountants have a combination of experience in given industries and finance skills. They can take on many tasks within a business, from daily accounting tasks to evaluating business data to find strategies that will help a company use new opportunities to succeed. They are an outside and unbiased eye that can look closely at the financial success of a business and its products.


Accountants are an investment for a business that provides a massive ROI in time saved and strategic initiatives that only an expert would recognize. They are constantly researching programs such as energy rebates, tax incentives, new industry regulations, and the law to ensure that their clients remain compliant and can direct more of their profits towards strategies that improve financial business health.


Suppose you need the assistance of a business accountant Miami expert for your company. In that case, you could be losing efficiency by assigning the wrong professionals to ensure you remain compliant with your finances, missing out on opportunities, and struggling to reach the same profitability rates.


Although these professionals may seem like an added business expense, the value they can add to your business can more than pay for their services with the strategic advantage they can provide. Accounting services have also become more flexible than ever before, with many accounting firms like ourselves offering flexible hours, remote accountants, and services that can flex your business.


The small business accounting Miami team we provide can adjust our services to suit the needs of your business, providing everything from hands-on troubleshooting to get you through a financial crisis to advanced tax preparation or day-to-day bookkeeping services. Flexible accounting support can keep your costs down while getting focused attention from a proven accountant that your business needs to succeed.

Expert Accounting Services

Tailored Accounting Services for your Small Business in miami

Our group of business accountant Miami professionals is here to help. Contact our staff today, to schedule your consultation. Whether you need a quick troubleshooting appointment leading up to tax season or would like a quote for ongoing bookkeeping services, CFO services, or advisory & consulting, we can outline our costs and help you determine if accounting services would be a good fit for your team.

Contact our staff today via our online form or contact us by phone; we will connect you with a member of our team with the most experience in your industry. Our experts can create a custom accounting plan to suit the needs of your business.

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Costs depend on the nature of the work involved in your case and the number of professionals required to serve you hourly. Most CPAs in Miami, FL, can charge very high hourly rates to serve a corporation. Contact us today for an acurate quote for your small business.

We can create a flexible plan to suit your small business. Our team can manage accounting transactions, help with financial statements, deliver financial strategies, and handle bookkeeping tasks, to name a few.

Yes, Miyares Group consist of a team of licensed and certified accountants with experience in many industries across South Florida.

As experienced accountants, we'll explore various tax-saving strategies, including eligible deductions and credits, to ensure you pay the minimum required taxes while staying compliant with the tax laws.